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Priority Logistics vision and values

Fair Freight is our Priority.

Our Vision:

To be the defender and champion of fair freight.

Our Purpose:

To ensure an equal playing field for our partners.

Doing the right thing is the founding principle of our company. For too long, freight shipping has benefited middlemen at the expense of customers. Our mission is creating new transparency and opportunity for customers and carriers alike.

When everyone in the supply chain understands and plays by the same rules, with commensurate skin in the game, it is possible to eliminate inefficiencies that stand in the way of mutually beneficial competitive advantage.

These are the beliefs that bring us together and set us apart.

Common Values. Common Sense.

Our Core Value Statements:


In business, as in life, our relationships mean everything. Without honesty, relationships of mutual respect and trust are impossible. We will build open and honest relationships by listening faithfully, communicating truthfully, soliciting honest feedback and acting ethically.

Hard Work

We feel a duty and a commitment to give 120% in service to our customers, our employees, our carriers, our families and our country. We will treat our customers’ business like our own, operating as their transportation arm, not a middleman. We will be a rock of reliability and a fountain of knowledge and ideas. We will challenge ourselves every day to stay ahead of the curve and help create sustainable value.

Fair Play

We will always do the right thing. We believe in equity of opportunity. We will do everything in our power to ensure that everyone understands and plays by the same set of rules, and that no one takes advantage of the disadvantage or lack of knowledge of others. We will be accountable for our actions, willing to admit mistakes, and rigorous in correcting them.