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It starts with a free Freight Savings Review.

Virtually every one of our clients saves 10-35% on shipping after implementing recommendations initiated with our Free Freight Savings Review. The Review process is simple, requires no internal resources and usually takes just 3-5 days.

After completing a thorough review of your current freight spending, we will outline actionable recommendations and strategies to reduce your freight costs. Recommendations carry no obligation and are conducted at your convenience, either in person or by phone; sessions generally take 30-60 minutes.

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You can get ahead with Priority behind you.

Our approach is different from traditional logistic consultants and management firms. We do not charge fees or make money through markups. Transactional relationships simply do not create value for our clients. Whenever a markup is added to freight, the true cost of shipping is obscured because while competitive bidding may reduce overall costs slightly, the root costs are not shared — making it impossible to realize long-term costs savings.

Instead we strategically partner with our customers, becoming students of their business and creating bespoke transportation solutions that improve net income and working capital. To maximize your returns, we work on a contingency basis following a true pay-for-performance model.

Our freight analysis team will work with you to develop a business plan and budget free of hidden charges and bogus discount rates. We will analyze and present detailed findings of your shipping costs on a weekly basis, at every step of the supply chain. And we will generate weekly audits to ensure that suppliers are using the correct rates and accessorial charges on your invoices.

When you pay carriers, you can be assured there are no hidden charges or missed savings opportunities.

When you pay us, you pay a portion of the savings generated from your current baseline rates. Our analysis and negotiating services are free. We make money only if you do. Isn’t that the way freight management ought to work?